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Manual for eating paella.
Eating paella is a Valencian custom, it is a sign of cordiality and hospitality, it is mainly used in family meals and with friends when there is usually plenty of rice. When the portions are limited or it is a more formal meal, it is advisable to serve it on a plate to avoid abuse or discomfort among the diners. However, there is a customary rule accepted by all Valencians, so if you eat paella you should know:

1.- Paella is like a box of cheeses in portions.
2.- The diners have to be distributed around the paella in an equidistant way.
3.- Each diner is only entitled to the cheese in front of him or her.
4.- The official cutlery for eating paella is the wooden or metal spoon.
5.- If you wish to squeeze a lemon, you will only do so in front of your area and in any case with the approval of your neighbours to the right and left.
6.- The meal begins after the mandatory rest, at the order of -ala, vinga, que es gela l´arrós -come on, the rice is getting cold.
7.- If the paella is good, the cook is praised intermittently every two or three spoonfuls.
8.- The pieces, vegetables and meat are the property of the diner who owns the space. If any integrated element is not to your liking, you can leave it in the centre for another diner to enjoy. The pieces of meat, once they have left the paella, may not be returned to it in any way.
9.- It is strictly forbidden to turn the paella to access other areas where there is still some rice left.
10.- When the spoon touches the iron, the moment of glory of the socarrat appears.
11.- It is understood that a diner leaves when he places the spoon on the edge and says: -estic fart, no puc més- I´m full, I can´t take any more. At that moment the area is free and can be occupied.
12.- The meal ends when the diners leave and there is nothing left, a sign that it was good.