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Tribute to the Dreams and Love of María Mañet

A Tribute to the Dreams and Love of Maria Mañet 

LaSort: Where Dreams and Fresh Aromas Intertwine.

Hydrangeas: A Symbol of Love and Dreams

Hydrangeas, delicate and elegant, take the spotlight in our hall thanks to Maria, the passionate chef and founder of the beloved Bar LaSort. Her love for these flowers intertwines with her dream of being the manager of a hotel. Though shes no longer physically with us, her spirit endures, and every petal of these hydrangeas is a tribute to her legacy.

The Magic of Flowers

Thanks to Raquel, our floral artist, who daily works her magic to transform our hall into a garden of memories and fulfilled dreams. And when the fresh scent of hydrangeas caresses your senses, youll know youre in a place where dreams come true.

Immerse Yourself in the LaSort Story

Welcome to our hotel, where the aroma of fresh flowers dances to the rhythm of memories, and Maria continues to illuminate our path.

Come and immerse yourself in the story we weave with each petal and fragrance. This is more than just a hall; its a tribute to enduring dreams and love for flowers and hospitality.