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Sustainable Travel: Exploring the Concept of a Green Hotel

How Do We Contribute to Our Planets Well-being?


Exploring the Concept of a Green Hotel

The sheer amount of waste and disposables produced by hotels across the globe is staggering. At LaSort, we are committed to enhancing our environmental quality, minimizing waste generation, and ultimately making a meaningful contribution to the health of our planet.

Although we introduced our environmental plan in 2020 to elevate our ecological standards and reduce our impact on the environment, our journey towards establishing a sustainable hotel began from day one.

Zero Pollutant Emissions

Since 2003, we have exclusively embraced non-polluting electrical systems for our facilities. For instance, in the Sand Restaurant kitchen, we rely solely on electric equipment.

Clean Energy

Our hotel operations run on electrical power, thereby emitting no pollutants, except in rare cases of major emergencies such as power outages, during which we exceptionally utilize our emergency generator. Furthermore, by early 2023, we will generate a significant portion of our energy from photovoltaic solar panels installed on our rooftop.

Low-Consumption Appliances

Continuously, we are replacing outdated machinery with more efficient models. Since 2010, we have incorporated low-energy bulbs in our rooms.

Local Products

Our pantry is stocked with top-quality, locally-sourced products, including our seafood from Moraira Bay and fresh fruits and vegetables.

No Food Waste

An average of 31 kilograms of food is wasted per person each year in Spanish households; now imagine this at a global hospitality level. We consider food wastage indecent, aiming to eliminate it. We offer our customers the option to take home leftover food in reusable containers, and we creatively repurpose surplus ingredients – for example, turning leftover restaurant bread into delightful cookies to accompany coffee or tea.

Biodegradable Products

Our biodegradable cleaning products significantly reduce chemical waste entering drainage systems. We minimize unnecessary plastics by reusing containers, facilitating more efficient transportation for our suppliers, and thereby mitigating CO2 emissions.

Reusable Packaging

From amenities to jam jars, the majority of our packaging undergoes thorough disinfection to drastically reduce unnecessary waste.

Plastic Waste Reduction

We are actively working to diminish our plastic consumption. For instance, implementing a water filtration system for staff helps us avoid thousands of plastic bottles per year along with associated transportation. We will also increase the use of recyclable and reusable materials throughout the hotel and restaurants.

Second Lives

During room renovations, numerous pieces of furniture accumulate, often left unused. This is why we introduced the REUSABLE SHOP, a store offering a second life not only to furniture but also to appliances, kitchenware, decorations like paintings and sculptures, and even antiques.

Encouraging Green Guests

Through strategically placed signage, we encourage guests to conserve water and detergent by reusing towels and bathrobes throughout their stay.

Eco-friendly Activities

We promote a selection of activities that respect our environment to our clients. From hiking and swimming to yoga and paddleboarding, our offerings prove that exploring our surroundings need not be detrimental. More information at Aquatic Adventures in Moraira

Because discovering our environment should never compromise its well-being.